The trainers : A cross-cultural experience

Daniel Pénoël MD: President-Founder of Association Ecole Pénoël . Facilitator-Lecturer within Ecole Pénoël

Docteur Daniel Pénoël - Ecole Penoel -  Become a practitioner in Quantum Aromatherapy

Daniel Penoel MD has been working in the field of aromatherapy since 1977. He is a passionate advocate of Earth and ecology.
Dr Penoel has an international reputation as an essential oil researcher, aromatic medicine practitioner, educator and author who has dedicated his three–decade career to the therapeutic use of essential oils. Dr Penoel has co-authored L'aromathérapie exactement and Natural home health care using essential oils. He is an an acclaimend keynote speaker across Europe, Asia, Australia, U.S.A., and Latin America. His concepts have been featured by major French magazines and TV programmes.

His intensive aromatic medical work with his patients over 3 decades, his research into the time–space concept in the fields of Physics and New Physics has led him to find “Aromatherapy’s missing link”. He has developed this new model living in close contact with Nature in South France and he has fuelled his experiments by in-depth thinking, This led Dr Pénoël to develop Quantum Aromatherapy®.

The Quantum Aromatherapy® training with one of the most acclaimed Medical doctor, author Dr Daniel Penoel is a must. Immersing yourself in a French context with French tutors and foreign therapists who have come from all over the world will enhance the richness and diversity of this unique experience.

Rose-Marie Pénoël : In charge of the Trainings

Rose Marie Pénoël - Ecole Penoel -  Become a practitioner in Quantum Aromatherapy

Rose-Marie Pénoël has been working with Dr Pénoël on scientific and medical aromatherapy as well as Quantum Aromatherapy®. She has co-written books in French and English. Rose-Marie was certified by the ISTOR institute as early as the 1980ies. She has followed patients, as a therapist, using the tools designed by Biosynergie® together with relaxology: Dr Vittoz’s method.
Rose-Marie Pénoël is in charge of the trainings and the organization within the Ecole Pénoël.

Magali and Amanda Pénoël

Twin sisters Amanda & Magali Penoel have benefited from Rose-Marie and Dr Pénoël's training in Quantum Aromatherapy® and holistic health on a daily basis.
Amanda & Magali Penoel have participated in co-writing the French book 'L'Aromathérapie Quantique'.

«Amanda and Magali were imbued with aromatherapy first before even breathing our Planet’s atmosphere. Their mother was permeated with essential oils and their beneficient scents, which were carried in utero, and marked each of their growing cells! From their early childhood essential oils were already part of their daily life. When they were 4 years-old they emigrated to Australia where they spent two years on the land where melaleucas and eucalyptus grow. After they returned to France in 1987, the sisters kept being exposed to essential oils more than ever. At this period of their life they decided that time had come for them to bring their parents’ mission further, highlighting the teaching methods and professional trainings and bringing them to another level. This is the reason why we created the École Pénoël Association and that we implemented the project of offering a new training called “Quantum Aromatherapy Practitioner®.”We are proud of their commitment and wish to thank them wholeheartedly” Dr Pénoël – extract and translated from the French book ‘L'Aromathérapie Quantique’ .»
Dr Pénoël – extract and translated from the French book ‘L'Aromathérapie Quantique’ . Trédaniel Publishing company - © - All rights reserved

Magali Pénoël : Facilitator within Ecole Pénoël

Magali Pénoël - Ecole Penoel -  Become a practitioner in Quantum Aromatherapy

  Magali is a French-born language, Pedagogy and Intercultural Human Resources graduate.  Magali was also trained in art therapy in England: D.M.T. (Dance Mouvement Therapy).
She has implemented a ‘learning by doing’ and ‘global vision’ teaching method engaging successfully with a wide range of individuals ranging from toddlers to students and professionals in various countries. She is facilitator for a wide range of students in different structures including universities, companies, and schools. She is an innovative Quantum Aromatherapy® facilitator with the ability to grasp and present complex issues simply. She has a creative approach to getting the best out of people and offers a holistic, lively and unique approach to her trainings.  Magali facilitates Quantum Aromatherapy® modules along with Amanda Penoel and Dr Penoel within the Ecole Pénoël in South France.

Amanda Pénoël : Facilitator within Ecole Pénoël

Amanda Pénoël - Ecole Penoel -  Become a practitioner in Quantum Aromatherapy

Amanda first obtained in diploma in the field of science and para-medical sector, Amanda graduated in Applied foreign languages-Pedagogy and business. She has facilitated classes for a wide range of students in France and abroad.
Amanda has a passion for native inhabitants’ cultures which led her to visit herbal plants in their native environment, namely in Africa. She is in charge of teaching organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology and botanics within the Ecole Pénoël. Amanda has developed teaching tools designed to ease the understanding of these sciences

David Pénoël : In charge of the administration and coordinator

David Pénoël - Ecole Penoel -  Become a practitioner in Quantum Aromatherapy

David is a language graduate and has gained hands-on skills in aromatherapy. He is in charge of the coordination and administration department. You will be dealing with David if you need any futher information on the venue, on how to reach us. David will be happy to give additional support.


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